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GENESIS OF ASSB                                                                  

Founder Member of ASSB

Aloha means “Welcome” in Hawaii, USA. Aloha Social Services Bangladesh (ASSB) is an NGO established at Dinajpur in 1998. It is the brain child of a family of five sister and two brothers including their spouses & inspired by their parents & launched a Trust namely MAFTA.

Subsequently ASSB extended its branch at Mobarakpur of Naogaon District. The trust provided pre-school education and free medical services to the disadvantaged poor of the areas. Their success encouraged others including Aloha Medical Mission of Hawaii, USA to join hands in 1999. Thus, the name Aloha Social Services Bangladesh was derived.

ASSBis a politically independent, non-profit organization, located in the North-Western area of Bangladesh. The main focus is to provide education, health services, life skills training and shelter as well as financial support for income generation activities to elevate poverty.


A well renowned and self-reliant organization will contribute for creating friendly environment and sustainable society through supporting for education, health, free of hunger, reducing poverty, exploitation and discrimination.


Create skill manpower, capable and competent leadership through united efforts and play active role on education (formal & non-formal), health care services, shelter, environment and climate change adaptation, disaster response and risk reduction, life skills training and financial support for income generation to elevate poverty.


  • To create skill man power through quality education and training;
  • To ensure good health through health service;
  • To develop the financial strength of people through income generating activities;
  • To use safe water, healthy sanitation and hygiene;
  • To empower people for establishing rights, governance and equal distribution of resources;
  • To contribute natural resource management and climate change adaptation.

LEGAL STATUS OF ASSB                                      


Registration Authority

 Registration Number

Date of Registration


Department of Social Welfare, the people republic of Bangladesh




NGO Affairs Bureau the people republic of Bangladesh




Registration of Health the people republic of Bangladesh




Micro credit regulatory authority




Fire Services & Civil Defiance  




Department of Women Welfare







PRESENT WORKING AREA                                                   



Union/ Municipality



Sadar, Dinajpur Municipal area,




Mukundopur, Katla, Khanpur, Dior, Binail, Jatbani, Poliproyagpur& Municipal area


Fulbari Municipal area



Patichora, Ghosnagar, Krisnapur, Patanitola, Debar, Amair, Nazirpur, Akbarpur, Nirmail, Matindar & Shihara


Aranagar, Alampur, Jahanpur, Usubpur, Umar & Dhaimoirhat


Sapahar, Tilna, Sironti & Goala


Joypurhat Sadar

Dogachi, Chakborkat,Bhadsa&Joypurhat Municipal area


Aymarasulpur, Balighata, Atapur, Kusumba&Panchbibi

GOVERNANCE OF ALOHA                     

ASSB governed by 31 members General Body (GB). GB forming a nine-member Executive Committee (EC) for three-year period from amongst themselves in accordance with procedures specified in the constitution.

EC formulates policies and guidelines and appoints the Executive Director. The ED is responsible for execution of the policies. The management is supported by a group of committed staffs. 


ASSB achieved following sectoral specialization supporting poor and marginalized people in the area

Education Sector 

ASSB have both formal and non-forma education specialization as the organization implementing education program from it’s inception. At present ASSB managing two secondary, one pre-primary, one Vocational and one outsourcing school in Dinajpur and Naogaon districts.

Health Sector

ASSB started the health services for women, children or other disadvantaged groups from 1998. At present running two health services Centre & hospital in Dinajpur and Naogaon.

Economic Empowerment Sector

ASSB has long experience in the Economic Empowerment Sector for Institution Building by organizing slum and rural based women organizations. Provide credit to groups and individuals for self-help initiative with particular emphasis on women’s participation and encourage savings of the poor.

WASH Sector

Since the inception of the organization ASSB providing WASH facilities to poor and marginalized people either as separate project or as part of integrated project both for the community and individual family. 


CURRENT MAJOR PROGRAMS                             

  1. 1.   Education Program

Taking consideration of organization vision for making a educated society ASSB started it’s Education Program immediate after its inception.

Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial Pre-Primary school, Nimnagar, Balubari, Dinajpur 

Aloha started Nursery Schools in Nimnagar, Balubari and Pre-School at Mobarakpur of Naogaon in the year 2001. ASSBschools is emphasizing comprehensive quality education.

Mohammad Ali &FoyzunNessa Memorial Junior High School Mobarakpur, Patnitola, Naogaon

Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial Junior High School (Mobarakpur, Naogaon) was established in 2010. A two-storied building was constructed with the support of Kindermissionwerk, Germany. The school is upgraded up to class VI with 150 students and 12 teachers.

Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial High School, Ramnagar, Dinajpur

Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial High School started In January 2013.ASSB gradually improved the Balubari Nursery Schools up to class-V in 2012& improved up to Class X at West Ramnagar of Dinajpur district town. 

  1. 2.   Health Program

ASSB started its health services in Dinajpur 1998. The slum dwellers and nearby villagers were the main beneficiaries of the services. At present health services is providing through Balubari Hospital in Dinajpur Sadar and Mobarakpur Hospital in Patnitola under Naogaon districts. The health services are:

Building Awareness, Screening, and Examinations: ASSB helps preventing diseases in educating and advising people, screenings and construction of pump wells and sanitary latrines. Training provided how to perform preventive examinations for pregnant women, infants and toddlers and instruct mothers on nutrition, hygiene and immunization schedule.

Organize health camp: Slum dwellers and nearby rural poor people are supported through health camp and once a year, a German and USA team of doctors arrives for a few weeks.

Inpatient Services: Both the ASSB Hospitals providing inpatient service to the people who need close hospital care from the doctor and nurses. Both hospital equipped with 14 bed inpatient service at any time with the capacity of surgery, diagnosis etc.

Outpatient Services: ASSB Hospitals offers a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and minor surgical opportunity for the outpatient services every day and counseling for the patients.

Eye Camp: ASSB Hospitals organizing regular Eye Camps with the support of specialist doctor on Ophthalmologist and glaucoma for performing cataract surgeries.

Dental Unit: Well-equipped dental unit providing dental treatment services to the poor for women, children or other disadvantaged groups from both ASSB hospital.

  1. 3.      Women's rights and Empowerment Program

Women rights and empowerment program is integrated with it’s all program and projects for reducing the discrimination between male and female, establishing equal right and respect, protecting force marriages during childhood, improving the decision-making power of women through economic empowerment and family nutrition for every member of the family equally.

  1. 4.   ASSB Economic Empowerment Program

The program is supporting institution building by organizing slum and rural based women organizations.

  • Provide credit to groups and individuals for self-help initiative with particular emphasis on women’s participation;
  • Encourage savings of the poor.

Microfinance Program at a glance, up to August 2017










ASSB mostly provided credit to the rural women members for income generating activities.

IGA opportunities for Land less, widow and tribal people through specific trade and farming-

ASSB working with most vulnerable people like land less, widow and tribal people of Dinajpur &Naogaon district. Before disbursing credit, beneficiaries provided training on how to start small business and how to develop markets for their products. These offers enable group members to become more independent from short term and seasonal incomes as day laborers.

Establishing self-sustainable Small Enterprise for IGA

Poor people established small enterprise, like grocery shop, trading of seasonal crops, tea shops through microfinance support & started enterprise in different locations of their home enable family members to look after the business by rotation.

  1. 5.   Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)

Location of Aloha Mobarakpur HRDC: It is situated beside the Patnitola-Damoirhat Highway of Mobarakpur of Naogaon district.

  1. 1.    Services of Aloha Human Resource Development Centre

a)   Training Centre Facilities (Venue, lodging, Food etc) for training, workshop, seminar, meeting etc.

b)   Training services for development agencies, NGOs, CBOs, Education Institutions, own staffs, group leaders and members, leaders, volunteers etc.

  1. 2.    Facilities of Mobarakpur Training Centre

The resource centre is equipped with residential & venue facility for 40 trainees at a time with air conditioners, computers, multimedia projectors, White board, VIPP board, sound system, sufficient chairs, tables and separate female toilets and 24-hour electricity with generator. Side by side a non-residential training for 12 people can also be carried out. The centre can also be used for holding conferences, seminars and workshops for internal and external stakeholders.

  1. 6.   ASSB Shelter Support Project for Slum Poor of Dinajpur-Apon Thikana

ASSB has been implemented a low-cost durable small shelter support project in the Ramnagar of Dinajpur city area for the 125 poor slums dwellers families who were shelter less due to river erosion,supported by Shanti Germany, BMZ and ASSB started in March 2009 and completed in December, 2011.

  1. 7.   Disaster Management Program and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)

From the inception ofASSB is working in the area of Disaster Management and Emergency Responses. Provided emergency food and basic needs during the Cyclone Sidr, Floods, Cold Wave in any disaster occurs in Bangladesh

  1. 8.   Partnership And Network Of ASSB              

Present partnership of ASSB


  • Aloha Medical Mission, Hawii, USA
  • BMZ (Economic Ministry of Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Shanti Germany
  • KLB (ILD) Germany
  • Bhandu Bangladesh, Germany
  • Osworld Foundation, Germany
  • Shanti, Switzerland
  • Omicorn, Austria
  • Kindermissionwerk, Germany
  • German Embassy


  • Department of Women Affairs
  • Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
  • Rotary Club of Dhaka Central
  • Inner Wheel Club of Utara
  • Mutual Trust Bank

Networking Membership

  • NGO Federation (FNB)
  • Credit & Development Forum (CDF)

Contact us

Aloha Social Service Bangladesh (ASSB)

Minara Begum

Founder Member and Executive Director

Ali Manjil, Balubari, Dinajpur

Phone Number: 0531-63351, 01714067282


Facebook: www.facebook.com/alohadinajpur

Web: www.alohabangladesh.org