ASSB Health Services and Hospital, Balubari, Dinajpur

ASSB Health Program

Health Program is one of the main program of ASSB from the inception of the organization. ASSB started it’s health services in Dinajpur 1998. The slum dwellers and nearby villagers were  the main beneficiaries of the services. At present health services is providing through Balubari Hospital in Dinajpur Sadar and Mobarakpur Hospital in Patnitola under Naogaon districts,. The hospital services are general awareness building, Eye-Camp, In Patient Services (surgeon, gynecologist, child specialist and ophthalmologist etc), Dental Unit, Community health camp, outpatient care, diagnostics, and other health services like Medical Teams from Germany.


Balubari Hospital and Medical Support in Dinajpur

ASSB Dinajpur Hospital providing hospital services to the poor people in the area for General Medicine, Eye care, Dental and Gynae and other health services.

Aloha Hospital, Balubari, Dinajpur

Organize health camp

To the slum dwellers and nearby rural poor people were supported through health camp who do not have ability to go treatment in the commercial hospital and some expatriate doctors taken part in the camp treatment. Once a year, a German and USA team of doctors arrives for a few weeks. They have to work nearly day and night to be able to cope with the visitor traffic and number of planned operations.

Inpatient Services-ASSB Baluabari Hospital in Dinajpur providing inpatient service to the people who need close hospital care from the doctor and nurses. Baluabari Hospital equipped with 9 bed inpatient service at any time with the capacity of surgery, diagnosis etc.

 Caring attendance of an inpatient

Outpatient Services- ASSB Baluabari Hospital in Dinajpur offers a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and minor surgical opportunity for the outpatient services everyday and counseling for the patients. Doctors (general medicine, surgeon, child specialist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist and dental unit) from different government hospital affiliated with the ASSB hospital for providing service for clients.

Eye Camp- ASSB Baluabari Hospital in Dinajpur organizing regular Eye Camps with the support of specialist doctor on Ophthalmologist and glaucoma for performing cataract surgeries and implantation of adequate lenses they regain their vision.

Low cost, high-quality surgeries cure blindness. Over 50% of blindness is caused by cataracts which can be cured by a surgery costing Tk. 2500.

Eye care can change lives immediately. A pair of glasses can bring the world into focus and open the door of opportunity: students can read and learn and adults can work and care for their families. 

Important Message:

Those people do not have ability to go for treatment in the general hospital ASSB giving services to them with minimum cost.