ASSB Human Resource Development Center, Balubari, Dinajpur

Aloha training center in Dinajpur has a venue for conducting training/seminar with 30 participants. The resource center can also be used for holding conferences, seminars and workshops for internal and external stakeholders.

The resource center is equipped with air conditioners, computers, Multimedia projectors, White board, VIPP board, sound system, generaqtor, sufficient chairs, tables and separate female toilets.

Common rates:



Unit Rate


Conference/Class/Meeting Room Costs


Big Room- (AC)

Tk. 3,000/- per day


Big Room- Big (Non-AC)

Tk. 2000/- per day


Residential Costs


General room (5/4 bed) -Tk 300 per bed/ per day


Single Room (AC) 

Tk. 1200/- per day


Double Room (AC

Tk. 1600/-per day


Double Room (Non-AC)

Tk. 800/- per day


Foods and other Costs (A balanced menu of Bangladeshi food, prepared by experienced cooks, is served according to following schedule in each day is very enjoyable.)


Break-up of Food Costs (Full Day) Breakfast: Tk. 65/-, Snacks/ -two times): Tk. 65/-, Lunch: Tk.200/- and Dinner: Tk. 200/-


Service charge per person

Tk. 20/- per day


Customized service (need based) may be provided on request of the clients


Resource Person Fees: The respective client will provide all allowances

Tk.4,000-5,000/- per day

Other Points

Time of check in & out: 17:00 hrs & 12:00 hrs, rules for children, caretaker and food serve time similar to above .

1.     Specialty of Dinajpur Center

a)    Historical Site Visits

Clients can avail two in one facilities because opportunity of visiting Ramsagaor, Kantojir Mandir, Rajbari, Swapnapuri is located very near to the centre. On request organizing relevant travel and others arrangements.

b)    Internet with WiFi Facilities

Well equipped 24 hours internet with WiFi facilities for the participants in the campus area

Aloha Training Services

Aloha Mobarakpur centre providing training services to development agencies with the facilitation of experienced and expertise pool of resource persons. 

a)    Training design/review

b)    Course development

c)     Tailor-made Training

d)    Facilitation and supporting Resource Person

The prime areas of Aloha training programme are: Organizational Development Rights, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Adaptation, and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Governance, Gender etc

  1. ASSB provided Training Courses


Name of the Courses

Duration (Days)


Organization and Institution Development 


Fund Raising


Mid and Senior level


Project Proposal Writing


Mid and Senior level


Reporting Writing


Mid and Senior level


Entrepreneurship Development


Junior, Mid and Senior level


Micro- finance Operation and Management.


Junior, Mid and Senior level

Rights and Advocacy


Good Governance and Human Rights


Mid & Junior level Managers,



Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)


Junior, Mid and Senior level


Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)


Junior, Mid and Senior level


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion


Junior, Mid and Senior level

Health Program


Primary & Reproductive Health Care (PHC)


Health Workers.


Communicable Diseases Prevention & First Aid.


Health Workers.

Management Trainings


Financial Management for NGOs


Junior, Mid and Senior level


Office  & Personnel Management


Junior, Mid and Senior level


Result Based Monitoring & Evaluation


Junior, Mid and Senior level

Long Course:


Diploma on  Primary & Reproductive Health Care (PHC)

6 months

Health Practitioner


Vocational Training on Computer, Mobile Servicing

3/6 months



2.   Admission Procedure: 

Training participants are required to be nominated by their respective organizations/sponsors. Request for training is to be made at least one month before the course commences.

3.   Training Methods:

Training methods adopted are participatory with both the trainees and the trainer’s activity involved in discussions. With a view to make the training programme fruitful various type of methods are followed in the sessions i.e. lecture, discussion, open discussion, small group discussion, question and answer, workshops, brainstorming, role-play, game, case study, structured experiences, demonstration, field visit and penal discussion, practical exercises etc. Hand -outs are also distributed in most of the sessions.

4.   Course Facilitators:

A team of highly qualitative, experienced and professional Trainers and Subject Specialists conduct training sessions. In addition, field based professional and skilled staffs also impart training sessions. On certain occasions, resource persons from outside organizations are engaged for part or all of a selected training programme.

5.   Review and Evaluation:

During each course, training is conducted daily between 8:30 am-5:00pm. At the end of each day, the participatory review is held and feedback is recorded for improvement and tailoring of subsequent training sessions. Pre and post-test evaluations are also conducted for each course. The trainees also write a daily report which they present at the beginning of the following day’s session. On completion of each course, trainers prepare a detailed observation report, which is distributed to all concerned.

6.   Training Outside of Aloha:

If the Aloha Trainers or any other professional staffs are invited by any outside organization to conduct training/consultancy away from the Aloha Training centre, then Aloha will charged as follows:

a)    All expenses related to food, accommodation, local transport for the trainers/consultants.

b)    Training fee Tk. 5,000.00 per day per Trainer.

c)     Training materials Tk. 200.00 per person per course.

7.   Special Arrangements:

On request, special training courses on human development and practical skills development can be organized/conducted for groups at least 15 participants in any one of the Aloha  training centre or at the location of the sponsoring organization. For smaller numbers, participants can take part in Aloha organized training schedule.

8.   Admission Procedure:

Participants are required to be nominated by their respective organizations/sponsors. Requests should be made at least one month in advance of the date of course commencement.

We can provide our existing courses in-house, tailor any of our modules to your context, or devise an entirely new solution to suit your needs.

If what you are looking for is not listed here, give us a call and we can work with you to ensure you get the best solution for your training needs.

9.   Contact

Organizations and individuals interested for using Aloha training centre and purchasing Aloha Training or more information, to discuss your learning needs, or for a quote, are requested to contact our training team:


Mrs. Rikta Banu

Mobile:  01747936438, 01713377431

Email: mobarakpur_assb@mail2Bangladesh.com

Facebook: aloha social services bangladesh-ASSB