Disaster Management Program

Disaster Management Program -Disaster Risk Reduction-DRR and Climate Change Adaptation-CCA

After the inception of ASSB there are many natural disaster happened both in the ASSB working area and other parts of the country. With the limited resources of ASSB and it's well wisher support responded in any natural disaster occurred in Bangladesh including Cyclone Sidr response. I the year 2017 devastating floods affected the people in Dinajpur and Naogaon. ASSB provided food support initally and after that supported through it's microfinance program and now ASSB planning for agriculture and other recovery program with the support of ASSB partner organization in outside the country. Above all DRR program is integrated along with all programs of ASSB.

Ways of ASSB Disaster Management Program

 Country Situatio:

Bangladesh is Disaster prone countries

Aloha Working Area and Disater

Objectives of the Disaster Management Program

How the organization deal with any disaster situation

Funding Mechanism