Governance of ASSB

General Body (GB) and Management

Any adult citizen engaged in any profession and with initiative and enthusiasm for social welfare is eligible to become a member of ALOHA General Body (GB). General body members elect a nine member executive committee (EC) for three-year period from amongst themselves in accordance with procedures specified in the constitution.

EC formulates policies and guidelines to the management and appoints the Executive Director. The ED is responsible for execution of the policies. The top management is supported by a group of committed staff.

ALOHA has a 31 member general body. President who is the chairperson of the EC is the promoter of ALOHA. It meets six times a year. In case of emergencies, it may, however, meet anytime to cope with the situation. EC approves policies, projects and budgets.

Functions of GB, EC and Management

The GB appoints the Auditor. EC & ED is appointed by the GB as per powers delegated by constitution . The ED has job description prepared by EC in addition to the broad job responsibilities as stipulated in the constitution. The performance of ED is evaluated by EC particularly based on the success of the programs.


List of senior Management



Minara Begum

Executive Director

Atiqur Rahman Khan

 Finance,  Accounts & Admin

Faruk Islam

 Monitoring & Evaluation

Bidhan Chandra Roy


Rafiqul Islam


Rikta Banu