Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial Junior High School (Mobarakpur, Noagaon)

Mohammad Ali & Foyzun Nessa Memorial Junior High School (Mobarakpur, Noagaon) was established in 2010. A two storied building was constructed with the support of Kindermissionwerk, Germany. The school has upgrated as Junior High School in the year 2017 including the Class VI with 146 student and 12 teachers. 

Type of Students Enrolled in the School: Mixed type of students enrolled in the school from the surrounding area. Some of them come from well of family but majority of the students come from poor families and the parents are mostly with agriculture profession. 

  1. Type of Additional Services Providing to the Students: Regular health check up for the students doing by the Aloha Mobarakpur Hospital Mnagaement. Students provided with tifin every day. Organizing parents conference and home visit to the students for improving the study regularity of the students. 
  2. How the School is Managing: Aloha Management is the directly taking role of school management. Executive Director Minara Begum frequently visit the school to see the academic situation and always trying for improving the quality of education. In practically it is happening becuase the performance of the  students improving day  by day. In addition to that Aloha Mobarakpur senior staff has given the responsibility for day to day monitorig of school class, attendence of students and teachers and taking immediate steps if there any lacks found instantly. 
  3. Government Involvement-School is following the government text book receiving from the local education authority. School participating the public exam like other goernment schoolsof the country. 
  4. Future Plan for the School-In each year school is upgrading one class and it palnned to make it up to SSC level
  5. Expectation donor and relevant organization arround the world- We are appeling to donor organization around world to come forward for smooth running of the school and providing better education to the poor students in the area