Nimnagar, Balubari Pre-Primary schools

Nimnagar, Balubari Pre-Primary schools

Aloha started Nursery Schools in Nimnagar, Balubari school in the house of Executive Director Minara Begum and Pre-School at Mobarakpur of Naogaon in the year 2001. There was lack of quality schools in the area at that time. In the contrary, at the ASSB's nursery schools at Naogaon and Dinajpur, comprehensive learning was emphasized. It is self-evident that the children must not be beaten. Creativity and bengali culture are part of the course of instruction. The school land has donated by family members.

Stidents from this school enrolled to Mohammad Ali and Foyzun Nessa Memorial High School after completion of class III (three). These are the students comes from very poor families.