Our Vision


A well renowned and self-reliant organization will contribute for creating friendly environment and sustainable society through supporting for education, health, free of hunger, reducing poverty, exploitation and discrimination.


Create skill manpower, capable and competent leadership through united efforts and play active role on education (formal & non-formal), health care services, shelter, environment and climate change adaptation, disaster response and risk reduction, life skills training and  as well as financial support for income generation activities to elevate poverty.


ASSB contributes to a profound development which focuses on better living conditions for women and education of the children are crucial as they represent the future of the country.

Objectives of Aloha

  •  To create skill man power through quality education and training;
  • To ensure good health through health service;
  •  To develop the financial strength of people through income generating activities;
  •  To use safe water, healthy sanitation and hygiene;
  •  To empower people for establishing rights, governance, equal rights and distribution of resources;

To contribute in natural resource management  and climate change adaptation