Women's rights and Empowerment Activities

ASSB women rights and empowerment program is a integrated program with it’s all program and projects for reducing the discrimination between male and female, establishing equal right and respect, protecting force marriages during childhood, improving the decision making power of women through economic empowerment, and improving the family nutrition for every members of the family equally for reducing the malnutrition and different kind of diseases.

Creating awareness through different mode of intervention

  • Mass people awareness on women rights through folk performances, training  
  • Micro finance group members received awareness messages on gender equality, effect of early marriage, positives of girls’ education, equal wage rate.
  • Advocacy in the local and regional level
  • Engages dialogue between men and women to promote joint decision making in the family.
  • Raise awareness among youth regarding the problem of VAW.
  • Provides counselling for husbands of pregnant women on how to support their wife in having a healthy pregnancy and utilizes mass media to promote women’s equality and girls’ education.
  • Support grassroots social workers, doctors, religious leaders, and teachers to monitor domestic violence and access to legal service
  • Training on women rights and strengthening of women’s role given topics like early marriage, illegal divorce by husband, 2nd marriage without consent of wife etc.
  • Training and inputs provided for homestead vegetable farming for nutrition of women
  • Handling and administration of small enterprises basic training in agriculture and fish farming